The vote count is as follows:
898 Monday
973 Tuesday
917 Wednesday
707 Thursday.                                                                     913 Friday
4.408 TOTAL to date

Remember, they scheduled this special election on a Saturday, in hopes of a low voter turnout. They are scared by these numbers! They've already bused in all their employees and they've shot their full load.

All the votes from here on out are all ours.
It's all for nothing if you don't vote! Go vote!
Vote NO!


Teachers make the difference...
You are not alone...
Many teachers are voting NO...

The administration is watching. When they compel you to go vote, you don't have to vote the way they tell you. Remember: They can see IF you vote, but they cannot see HOW you vote.

Vote your conservative values to NOT lay this $300+ million tax burden on your children's shoulders. Have a heart for the kids in your class - whom you KNOW and love; Starting their adult lives will be hard enough in this economy. Set their feet on the right path. You can SAVE them from this.

You're among friends.
If you only knew...


1. Other Texas school districts can build a school for $20-60 million.
Why does GISD "need" $161 million? -Until GISD takes all the fluff and padding out of their school tax, I will...

2. Chicago voters made their voices heard last week, when their city council and mayor were proposing a $70 million bond. GISD is proposing $161 million bond. (Don't even get me started on how much our kids will pay for it with their higher taxes over 30 years!) (It's well over $300 million.)
Why do we have to tolerate irresponsible spending? -Until GISD tightens its spending, like we've had to do, I will...

3. Other Texas school districts are permanently CLOSING their schools/campuses, based on their forecast of future enrollment numbers. What makes GISD think we're different?
What's wrong with GISD's forecast? -Until they update their demographic study, I will...

1a. Houston-area school: $20 million.

1b. Uvalde replacement for tainted Robb Elementary: $60 million.

2a. Chicago's black liberal voters vow to vote Republican, due to $70 million bond. Where is the outrage among CONSERVATIVE voters in this community over $161m?! (Is it because they say it's "for the children"?)

3a. School district PERMANENT closings, examples:
b. San Antonio: 14 school closings
c. Richardson: 5 School closings
d. Fort Worth: 4
e. Plano (TBD)
f. Frisco (wt..)
g. Dallas
h. Others...


I was just sitting around with some friends last night, enjoying a little wine with good company and kindred spirits, swapping stories.

So there's a guy that drives a bus around town handing out ice cream sandwiches, handing out KNOW/NO facts and swag, T-shirts and stickers, and encouraging people to go vote... No.
-I heard he got arrested for expired plates on the bus. He must've hit a nerve with somebody (yes voters?) in the police department because-- who gets ARRESTED for expired plates?!

Then we were still talking and they said the police(?) went out and took all the KNOW/NO signs around town. "No way! Is that true?!" ON THE FIRST DAY OF VOTING! It is true, and I understand this is the second time! They knew his name, but I can't recall (there was wine involved, remember?) a yes-voter with a Z-name (Zack?) called them. He said "I'm confused! I can't tell if those signs are real Caution signs or fake Caution signs. Help me, sir, I'm confused... Which way do I go?" Come on! Really?

Then! They said KNOW/NO voters get shut down on social media. Yes-voters complain "he's hurting our feelings with his words, and he needs to be silenced." And THEY ARE DOING IT! I know because their doing it to me, and I'm not even here for the CAUSE, I'm just speaking my mind. I've had a couple of yes people start arguments with me in the comments, and when I challenge them with REAL facts, they report me for being disrespectful. Oh jeez.

Back to my original question, is this government corruption? The police, the city, the California social media kings, all of them working together or separate to CENSOR the PEOPLE who dare to speak against them! They put that one guy in jail! I've NEVER heard of anyone going to jail for expired plates. I've had expired plates, and I got off with a warning. (I'm probably prettier that that bus driver guy, but still.)

I'll bet they shut down this post too! I'm glad you got to see it while it was still up.


O, were it true that election day was held not in November, but on April 16th! Surely our taxes would be lower and our government would be more accountable to the People. (Alternatively, move tax day from April 15 to November 1st - same effect.)

It must be a painful reality, not only for taxpayers opening their property tax assessment envelopes this week and last week - but also for the Yes campaign to KNOW that we are all seeing those property tax INCREASES hit out mailboxes WHILE they are pushing us to vote for additional taxes! It hurts their cause - they know it and you know it.

They will come back, but I'll bet they won't make that mistake again when they schedule the next election in their next attempt to pass this bond!

Vote NO.

Knowledge Base...

Read this news about the Goose Creek school district, a little east of Houston, near Baytown. If this town can build a new school for $20m, WHO can tell me why GISD needs $161m? (... that's $300m in taxpayer dollars.) Maybe our superintendent should consider hiring THEIR contractor. Or maybe our school board should consider hiring their superintendent. Or maybe our VOTERS should consider finding Conservative candidates to replace this school board. Vote. Vote NO!

Here is some food for thought... Hood County has the 4th most foreclosures of any county in the state. 

13. Texas The Lone Star State withstood 2,894 foreclosures in February. With a foreclosure rate of one in every 4,027 households, this puts the second-most populous state in the U.S., with a whopping 11,654,971 housing units, into 13th place. The counties with the most foreclosures per housing unit were (from highest to lowest): Liberty, Roberts, Armstrong, Hood, and Atascosa”  Vote NO!

Pretend for a moment that you're the attorney assigned to your firm's biggest case, and these voters are the jury...
What is the argument for voting YES on the $300,000,000 school tax?

I haven't heard or read any one of GISD's yes-men henchmen saying anything COMPELLING on the Yes side. They have only this:
1. "This is not a tax increase" - clearly a LIE, according to the State of Texas. Read the ballot language, which is drafted by GISD. (See it on their website,
2. "Do it for the kids" - this perennial favorite loses its umph when people realize those same kids - OUR kids - will be paying this tax for the next 30 years. The "for the children" line is an argument AGAINST the bond, when you really think about it.
3. Finally, there's "Overcrowding" - which is easily dismissed with very little effort: just take GISD's published student capacities for each school and then compare it to GISD's published enrollment for each of those same schools. Subtract line A from line B... Voila!

Give it your best, counselor!
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